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(The High Priest is)… Like an x-rated musical version of, ‘Have I Got News For You’.”
Jim Ody – Room Thirteen


“The Bastard son of Bob Dylan, Bill Hicks and Eminem.”
MOJO Magazine


“Eminem meets Dylan on literate rapping debut from young British beatnik. The High Priest is a smart young man who’s latched on to the idea that Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues was the first rap record.”
UNCUT Magazine


“A cunt with morals.”
Brooke – Audience Member


“I hate the High Priest. But somehow he still touches me deep inside.”
David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher


“Before burning Iraq to the ground and killing innocent afghans I heard the High Priest. He will never touch me deep inside.”
George Bush


“I have never been touched so many times, deep inside, until I listened to the words of the High Priest, or maybe I have…”
Jenna Jameson


“Some mathematical equations can be a real cunt, but once touched deep inside by the High Priest all comes clear.”
Stephen Hawking


“…The High Priest – if this guy starts up a Sunday Church I for one would be there worshiping complete with hangover… 5 stars”
Review of the Wrong Comedy Show hosted by Bob Walsh


“Providing much needed counter balance in this age of unrivalled officially sanctioned deceit, The High Priest relentlessly drops sweet truth bomb beats into the camps of the mainstream deceivers!”
Craig Allan Campbell – Comedian


“Whilst sketching up the emancipation proclamation I found The High Priest a real source of inspiration.”
Abraham Lincoln


“I SEE THE LIGHT. now let’s party!”
Frank Gallagher


“It’s fairly obvious to state, and one should consider, that a world without the High Priest, is like a world without democracy.”
Noam Chomsky


“Although i find his material disgusting, I still find that he touches me deep down inside.”
Gary Glitter


“I saw five famous comedians this week in Edinburgh and your show, which was free blew them all away…”
Audience member at Edinburgh Festival 2012


“This man knows no fear”
Steve Lamacq BBC Radio


Eclectic rap folk fusion, very original, very political, really worth checking out… Sort of Rage Against the machine meets Dylan!
Attila the stockbroker


“Whilst working on the theory of relativity I found the works of the High Priest a great influence. he touched me deep inside.”
Albert Einstein


“As I prepare to be sodomized in just heels and lipstick by five black guys I always play the High Priest to get into the mood. He really touches me deep inside.”
Tera Patrick


“On September the 10th I listened to the high priest. He really knows how to spread the love.”
Osama Bin Laden


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