The High Priest in front of a fender guitar and amp

Are you ready to feel the love and be touched deep inside?

From the Deep South of England, Folkestone twinned with Alabama, the High Priest spreads the love and touches all deep inside with comedy and music regardless of colour, creed, gender, or origin… But he does draw the line if you are a fucking Tory.


After being thrown out of the church for profanity, fucking his flock (all over 18 of course, he is a somewhat unorthodox priest where this is concerned) and a daily excessive intake of alcohol, he now sermonises in pubs, clubs, and venues to spread the real love instead of using fear, control and indoctrination like the church with their biblical teachings.


In a country now daily destroyed by corporate control, ravaged by politicians, and brutalised by the ideology of Brexit, a country spiritually defunct from the seduction of celebrity, a country manacled by the one narrative of pursuit of profit by any Machiavellian means, his sermons and hymns attack and try to make sense of what is dehumanising our existence and pulling our societies apart.


It’s time to feel the love and for the High Priest to touch you deep inside inch by inch.


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New album “All Offence Intended” featuring ‘Oh My God’

The High Priest delivers a new hip hop album full of hymns for 2022 in his satirical inimitable style influenced by Old Skool flavours such as the Beastie Boys, Jimi Hendrix and Bill Hicks.

The High Priest "All Offence Intended" album cover

The High Priest on stage in Hastings sermonising on Racism, immigration and UKIP

“I sure hope it snows this year because it’s the only way those racist fucks are going to get a white Britain!”

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The High Priest naked and covered in blood. Photo shot from "They tried to put a spell on me" video


The High Priest half naked in front of a man in bed. Photo shot from "I just wanna celebrate" video


The High Priest sat in a chair in a forest holding a cigar. Photo shot from "King of Bling" video


The High Priest with skull painted face in front of an amp with fender guitar. Photo shot from "Voodoo Priest" video



Let the High Priest introduce you to Folkestone, walk you around the streets and show you what this seaside town truly has to offer…

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The High Priest enjoying wine with a blow up doll


The High Priest rapping in front of a DJ. Photo shot from "I just wanna celebrate" video

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The High Priest sitting in a chair laughing


Sermons by the Priest

The High Priest sermonises about the stupidity of the petrol crisis

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