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    Gig Incidents

    1. White woman stands up in pub in Cambridge circus and starts shouting at me asking why do I have to be so aggressive and disgusting?

    2. Black woman jumps on stage and tries rip out my dog collar in Worlds End pub Finsbury after I sing 'censor this'. The compere and bar staff jump onto the stage while I pin her to the stage by throat

    3. White woman in the Windmill pub comes and stares into my face for 10 minutes as I pack up my gear after a performance and then tries to tell me how offended she is.


    "I have never been touched so many times, deep inside, until I listened to the words of the High Priest, or maybe I have..."

    Jenna Jameson

    "Some mathematical equations can be a real cunt, but once touched deep inside by the High Priest all comes clear."

    Stephen Hawking