Welcome to the Church of the High Priest

And oh my brothers and sisters do I have service for you!

But first… I was playing around with the letters in Katie Hopkin’s name the other night. Shuffling them about. Came to find, it’s actually a perfect anagram… for the word cunt!

Now let’s get this service started!

Are you ready to feel the love?
Are ready for me to touch you deep inside?
Are you ready to see God?!

Recently I lost my faith. I woke up one morning, in the Deep South, of England, Folkestone, twinned with Alabama, and I saw rape, murder, torture, genocide… and Gary Barlow. After that how could anyone believe in the Lord?!

Now come down to a service my brothers and sisters and witness a new kind of priest, blessed with a foul mouth spitting profanities, as I comically sermonise about this dark world of sex, politics, sex, violence, sex, social affairs, sex, religion, sex, feminism, and oh did I mention sex? All this with hymns thrown in to spread the love and touch you deep inside.

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Gig Incidents

1. White woman stands up in pub in Cambridge circus and starts shouting at me asking why do I have to be so aggressive and disgusting?

2. Black woman jumps on stage and tries rip out my dog collar in Worlds End pub Finsbury after I sing ‘censor this’. The compere and bar staff jump onto the stage while I pin her to the stage by throat.




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“(The High Priest is)… Like an x-rated musical version of, ‘Have I Got News For You’.”
Jim Ody – Room Thirteen

“The Bastard son of Bob Dylan, Bill Hicks and Eminem.”
MOJO Magazine

“Eminem meets Dylan on literate rapping debut from young British beatnik. The High Priest is a smart young man who’s latched on to the idea that Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues was the first rap record.”
UNCUT Magazine

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The High Priest